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Magical Vacation Planner
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Costs with DCL, Tips, and Secrets

Costs with Booking a DCL Cruise and Secrets/Tips

Some people may think, why pay so much to cruise Disney. Well, you are reading the blog of a biased Disney fan who has "tested the waters" on other cruise lines and has no immediate plans to ever "jump ship" again. Just how much does a Disney cruise cost? Well, if you are anything like us, you will need to do some hefty saving or have a good amount of space available on your credit cards. We also use tax refunds to pay off part of our cruises. We started off by saying we would travel on a cruise every 2 years, but as we fell more and more into the Disney trap, we decided we would cruise once a year. Well, we will be going on our third this year before the year is over, which will put us at 6 cruises and reaching gold status on the Castaway Club. I still haven't answered the question about the cost of the cruise. Before I get there, let me tell you what is included on your voyage. This is not an inclusive list! Amazing food, anytime of day, including free, YES FREE room service. You can get Mickey Bars anytime of the day and as many as you want! Be sure to get the desert of the day before you go to bed. You also get 4-star dining at all the restaurants on-board, other than the exclusive to adults Palo and Remy restaurants. Drinks, other than alcohol is included. You can bring your own cups or use the ones on the ship. If you want to carry on alcohol, you can! You can bring on as much as you can carry.

Photo packages are not included in your cruise costs. See the section on Photo and Photo Package Tips in this blog.

People ask how much does a cruise on Disney cost? It really depends on what type of room you get, how many nights you are going, how many people are in your party, and where your destination will be. I will let you know what we spent on our cruises to give you an idea. So far, we have only stayed in rooms with verandahs. We will be trying an oceanview room (one with a porthole) on the second leg of our back to back over Christmas just to get another viewpoint and to save money. Our first cruise, a 3-night to the Bahamas cost us about $3000. Our 5-night cost us about $5000, and the last two 7-nights cost us about $8000 (but both were over Easter, which is when prices are higher). The cruises over Christmas will cost us about $6000. What I have found is that a room with a verandah will typically cost you $1000 a night for a family of three.

What do you have to spend money on? Alcohol (if you don't bring your own), excursions (Castaway Cay day is free unless you want to do other excursions), tips (don't forget to tip well), souvenirs, spa treatments, and sodas at the bars. I'm sure there are others but this is what comes to mind currently.

Again...please don't forget to tip! I'll have a separate section for tipping tips.

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